A first taste in the dark world of faeries

This is a 200 word RPG, written to get started with playing Fae Edge immediately. A lot of it requires fleshing out by the GM (there’s only so much you can put in 200 words in the first place) and the setting could only be explained in a couple of sentences… for now.

The system is outlined here and is the base on how the game will turn out once we’re finished with it.

You’re a fae in a world in Darkness. Trapped in magically shielded Fortress Cities, lethal intrigue is commonplace.

You may be a Sidhe (+1 Nobility), Spriggan (+1 Resourcefulness), Sylph (+1 Knowledge) or Imp (+1 Physique). Everybody flies.

You have 6 Attributes: Physique, Resourcefulness, Knowledge, Nobility, Toughness and Willpower. Starting at 4 points, assign 8 extra points among them.

For each Attribute, you may have Skills to enhance it. You have 5 points to assign a new Skill or to enhance an existing one.

Spells are Willpower Skills. -1 Willpower temporarily every time a spell is cast.

You have 3 Gifts, which are expendable powerful effects related to your race.

You have 3 Bonds, which are restrictions you set for yourself.

To perform a Task, roll 2 dice, apply modifiers and succeed if your roll is equal to or lower than your Attribute. Skills and other modifiers boost your Attribute. Rolling your BASE Attribute is a Critical Success.

For Combat, roll Physique against your opponent. If you succeed AND roll higher, you win. Rolling a Critical Success is a win, canceled only by another Critical Success. Ignore draws. The loser rolls Toughness modified by the weapon’s Lethal value. Failure is death.


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