The World of Fae Edge

This is a big picture overview of the setting of Fae Edge. Still rough in the edges, but you get a better feel for the world now. We’ll keep dragging you further down the rabbit hole, don’t worry.

The world is already lost. Evil has won. Darkness has consumed everything. Nobody but the Ancients remember how it happened, but it did. An evil entity known only as the Darkness now spread, consumed and corrupted living beings into twisted versions of themselves that desire nothing other than blood, death and destruction. This corruption is later known as the Scourge, as dictated in the fae’s history books.

The various faerie races have banded together and their mightiest and wisest mages have erected huge magical forcefields around their respective cities. These livable cities are later known as Fortress Cities and are fast becoming overpopulated over the generations. Enclosed from the outside world, the fae folk are not immune to the pull of politics. Over time, the level of political intrigue among those within positions of power were as deadly and corrupting as the Darkness outside.

Many races were lost during the Scourge, but the races that survived, namely the Sidhe, Spriggan, Sylph, Imp, Goblin and Kobold, share the confines of the Fortress Cities. Each race have distinctive features such as skin colour, skin texture, facial structure, physique and wing shape, which invites discrimination in some Fortress Cities. Each Fortress City have their own unique customs, laws and politics. Often, the highest form of punishment is to be banished outside the shield alone without any magical protection against the Darkness. Even capital punishment is preferred by hardened criminals as opposed to banishment. It’s not a stretch to claim that each Fortress City are their own country.

Communications between the Fortress Cities are sparse and deadly, as no magical means are possible due to the strength of the Darkness outside. So communiques have to be delivered by hand, with companies of brave faeries risking traveling through the Darkness to other Fortress Cities. These brave folk are known as Couriers. Only the most desperate or the mad would join them. Yet their service is important and at times, even crucial to the survival of the Fortress Cities and its inhabitants.

It is unknown how many Fortress Cities are there in the world, but each Fortress City only has an idea of the existence of a handful of other Fortress Cities at most. And ruins of Fortress Cities are not unknown in the Darkness infested wilderness, which begs the question of which Fortress City will fall next, instead of if another one will fall.

Not only does the wildlife gets corrupted by the Darkness, infected faeries have been sighted as well. Wild, feral and deadly, these fallen faeries are collectively known as the Unseelie. It is unknown whether the Unseelie are merely unthinking and instinctive monsters or they are intelligent and have civilizations of their own out there.

Other creatures of Darkness, such as the Trollkin, Chitters, Bonegnashers and Shriekers (to name a few) also prey the wilderness. It’s no wonder that the average Courier goes mad at some point after a few excursions outside the shield. But it’s a big world out there. Who knows what else is in there? Waiting to be boldly discovered.


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