The People of Fae Edge Part 1: Sidhe, Spriggan and Sylph

This is part 1 of 2 in exploring the races of Fae Edge. No mechanical information is here, only background. The game mechanics of the races will be posted later.

The races of the fae differ from each other not only by looks, but also by their philosophy and outlook. Though each Fortress City’s social landscape differ from one another, the way the races conduct themselves surprisingly do not change much. It is something intrinsic that scholars fail to pinpoint where such common psyche began and why it persists to this day.


The mighty and noble Sidhe. Easily the most well built and regal looking of all the races, they have alabaster white skin with large bird like wings. Most have jet black hair, yet some Sidhes are known to have fiery red hairs as well. They like to keep their hair short, for both men and women. Rarely does one see a Sidhe with flowing locks but they’re often viewed as having tiny rebellious spirit among their kind.

Sidhe normally carry themselves to be the paragon of virtue. Polite, maintaining proper body posture and discipline and solemn voice tones that rarely betray their emotions. It’s not easy to discern what emotions dwell within a Sidhe for they hide it well, which makes them perfect leaders and politicians.

Though the Sidhe look noble and good, their moral compass varies wildly. Even the most evil of Sidhe can offer a genuine smile with the intention of getting what they want. Witnessing a Sidhe performing acts of violence with a face of a saint is disconcerting for many other races. This ironically earns them the reputation of being the most untrustworthy of all the fae races.

Yet they are still looked up upon and often thrown into leadership roles despite this. Regardless on how the Sidhe acts, they always do it with purpose and a clear mind, which other races begrudgingly admit as something that can be depended upon.


The crafty Spriggan has smooth brown skin, often wild green or yellow hair and wings of a moth. Their physique varies within their race from the wiry to the obese though they’re often seen in the commercial district running businesses. The average Spriggan has wits about him to see him getting what he wants. While some may not be learned, all Spriggan are known to be quick on their feet and their head, making quick assessments and calculations and getting out of a tight situation no matter how grim it might be.

Most Spriggan are social creatures with silver tongues. Even the poorest of Spriggan can talk his way into things (whether it’s good or bad, that’s another story). The Spriggan are known for being good company, but some see them as shady and a bit untrustworthy, but not to the level of Sidhes.

But among all the fae, the Spriggan are most in tune with nature. They can sense when the season will change and are often excellent trackers, which makes them invaluable among the Couriers. They also have a knack of sensing dangers and often choosing flight when a fight or flight situation presents itself.


The Sylph are graceful creatures, often with light olive green skin sharp elfin features and wings of a butterfly. Even the Sidhe’s poise is no match for a Sylph’s grace when they walk side by side. They have hair in various shades of green and are often kept long and orderly, either via braids or neat ponytails for both male and female. It’s often hard to discern their gender until they actually talk, though the males are slightly bulkier than females, but their height and build are almost the same otherwise.

The Sylph are often aloof and reserved. They have excellent mental capabilities and are know to memorize long sections of text or even multiple huge tomes and are able to cite them without a hitch. It is no accident that most Sylphs devote themselves to the arcane arts, where they get to divulge their compulsion for reading and consuming knowledge. Yet some Sylphs make great accountants and quartermasters, using their impressive memories to remember figures and transactions which they can recollect with ease.

The Sylph are often tight lipped and thus keep the most secrets. If any race are suited for the role of a spy, the Sylph would be it. Yet the other races couldn’t even imagine them to fulfill such a role which makes them good candidates for it.


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