The People of Fae Edge Part 2: Imp, Goblin and Kobold

This is part 2 of 2 in introducing the races of Fae Edge. A more complete document with all 6 races including their game stat is underway and will be released once the rules blog about them is published.


Imps are earthy red-skinned (or of similar hue), most of them heavy set with skin akin to stone. Most imps have earthen brown hair though exotic hues such as purple and blue are seen as well. They have bat like wings with a surface that looks like cracked leather. Imps are strong, big and tough. But do not make a mistake of inversing brawns with brains, they’re highly intelligent and often carry scholarly discourse with the best of the fae (which makes them a favourite of the Sylph when they need someone to talk to).

Imps wear their emotions on their sleeves are are often seen to be ill-tempered at times. Yet they are for the most part socially likable, though not as honeyed tongued as the Spriggan. They often busy themselves with the administrative services of the Fortress City they are in, so most of them are government officials or serve the local municipal in some way or another. They’re also often seen serving the local enforcement corps as well.

Most races welcome the presence of an Imp. They’re known to be honest at the best of times or at least you can count on them not to spill a secret when it comes down to it. That doesn’t mean Imps are incorruptible, far from it, but their candid demeanor do them credit whether they warrant it or not.


Goblins are grey skinned, often a bit shorter than the average fae and have small, squinty eyes. They have wings similar to a dragonfly and nobody can outfly a Goblin if they’re really serious about it. This makes them ideal recruits for the Couriers where speed is of the essence. They normally sport dark grey to black hair and often adorn them with beads or other ornaments. You can literally sport a Goblin from a mile away while they’re within the confines of a Fortress City.

Goblins are naturally born tinkerers and inventors. They can’t use magic for some reason, but they have inquisitive minds and very nimble fingers that allow them to come with mechanical marvels, which ironically are normally powered by magical means. They have a working relationship with the Sylph because of this.

They’re not really socially amicable when interacting with other races. But communication within their race is often livid, boisterous and warm. Other races view them as eccentrics and normally give them a wide berth when they pass as a group. They’re often found in the commercial district, where they ply their trade for the wealthy individuals that can afford their inventions.


Kobolds are masters of stealth. Their dark grey scaled skin (though the scale are really fine, you won’t notice them until you touch them) and often dark hair makes them suitable for it. They sport mosquito-like wings that do not make a sound as they flap on while they fly. The Courier often send a party of Kobolds on scouting missions before a caravan is underway.

Kobolds are shrewd businessmen, dealers and gamblers. They view life as one big game and think of ways to get ahead. Their risk appetite is very large and they often show as little fear as anyone could manage, even none. They get along with everyone, but trust no one, especially one of their own. You can expect a kobold to double cross you as much as they would genuinely help you from the bottom of their heart.

Kobolds are also good shots with the bow and make excellent soldiers and scouts as well. Kobold soldiers are normally trusted due to their position and prized skill with the bow, though others are kept under a close eye and utmost scrutiny.


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