Fae Edge will be using a heavily modified FUDGE system ( with a few big twists:

2d6-7 will be used, which gives a range of -5 to +5. -5 will be treated as Critical Failure and +5 will be treated as Critical Success. Both of these extremes will have significant story repercussions attached to them, in addition to handling the Critical results as auto-fail and auto-success respectively.

We’ll still maintain the 1 hit kill as in the 200 word RPG. Each weapon will have a Lethal rank and the loser of the combat will have to roll Toughness against the Lethal rank. While failure is certain death, a player facing certain death can escape it by spending an EDGE point to turn the failing Toughness roll into a Critical Success OR by taking a Fettle. A Fettle is a semi-permanent disadvantage that will grant penalties in certain situations (yes, we’re going slightly FATE-ish here).

FUDGE point = EDGE point in this game, with only one function: Turning a roll into a Critical Success.

Gifts and Bonds taken from the 200 word RPG. Bonds will have positive as well as negative effects, which replaces FUDGE’S Gift/Flaw system.

Reduced Attribute list and a bigger emphasis on Skills. Attributes will be critical checks (like Toughness as an example). Magic will still be treated as separate Skills. However the spells that you can include might depend on your level of a certain Attribute.

Scale can be attached to individual Attribute/Skill.

Points trade can happen in character creation. Rank pools to be decided.

Note that above all, no prior knowledge of FUDGE is required to enjoy this game. Everything will be spelled out as clearly as possible.

Also, an edit is due in the base background post to take “Giftless” individuals into account and how they are stigmatized.



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