A Shift of the Core Rules

Though FUDGE is a great engine to build upon, some parts of it seemed clunky to write about. Even looking at the character creation chapter, it’s hard for me to put a standard roll modifier into an elegant expression with any consistency.

After thinking about this a bit, I’ll be shifting Fae Edge away from FUDGE, and implementing a simpler engine that focuses more on role playing rather than rolling for a social outcome. Actually role playing persuading someone is always more interesting (and makes more sense) than successfully rolling a Persuade skill, and having common sense that a Warrior shouldn’t know something about arcane magic better than the Mage simply because of a better roll.

I might do away with skill rolls altogether.

Part of this shift is also influenced by other role play centric engines, such as Dread, Fiasco and Cthulhu: Dark. Though I wouldn’t want to create something that is free-form as those, I still would like to have solid mechanics in combat, magic and levelling up.

Expect the development of the game to branch even more distinctly now:

The Background Setting is still fine, it will still continue but it might include more game centric entries with background information on how it appears in the game. For example, one of the elements that I wish to implement in this RPG that has been missing in other recent games is the character class. How did that class develop to its current form? What was the history? Were there notable individuals that contributed to the skills and techniques the class grants? Are any of those legends still alive? How do the 6 races view the class and are they gravitating towards (or staying away from) it? Stuff like that.

The Core Rules will be completely redone. Current post tagged to this category will be re-tagged into a different one.

I hope to introduce to a new core mechanic post soon, so stay tuned!


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