The Professions of Fae Edge: The Warrior

These are character classes that a player may choose for their characters upon its creation. However, this chapter does not contain rules but background information about each class, which in itself may lend story ideas for the Game Master to utilize.

The Warrior

Warriors are by far the most common calling among the non-common citizens of a Fortress City. The familiarity with weapons and tactics make them indispensable as front line vanguards within a party. Their high martial prowess as well as their toughness make them suitable for the role. Among the classes available, the warrior class has the oldest history and the most legends surrounding them. From the beginning of recorded history of the Fae, warriors are often mentioned as the hero that time and again drive back the Darkness either in the defense of a Fortress City or the liberation of a fallen one.

The most famous warrior is perhaps J’on Delfay, an imp of imposing built, even among its kind. He was often depicted wielding a two-handed hammer with the hammer head as big as he was. The hammer, named Earthshaker, could only be wielded by him and legend has it when it struck the earth, it shook and splits, swallowing its enemies alive before swiftly closing back up. Yet he only lived for 5 years after his first triumph of defending the first Fortress City while the Archmages work frantically to erect the shield that protects it to this day. In those 5 years however, he has led successful campaigns traveling to other Fortress Cities to similarly defend them or liberated fallen cities from the Darkness. His most notable achievement was defeating the Changeling Lord Samurkah, who could change his form and appendages into anything he wishes.

The profile of J’on Delfay is still present in today’s gold coins, forever giving hope for those who know where to seek it.

Warriors are normally trained by individuals in a knight-squire relationship. Their tutelages are often 1-on-1 and usually being when the candidate is very young. While it is not unknown for an extremely skilled warrior to train a group of squires, these individuals are far and rare. Their training regime is strict and the weapon they eventually master often depends on what their knights use as well.

There are perhaps a lot of variations and specializations of the warrior, some prefer to wear heavy armour and wield heavy weapons, wading deep in the front ranks while others prefer light weapons wielded in each hand, preferring to wear light or no armour to increase their mobility. These different focuses are often called colleges. The most common colleges are:

Stalwarts: Masters of defense, sporting heavy armour and tower shields, often with a heavy single handed weapon such as an axe or hammer.

Vanguards: Also sporting heavy armour, but with medium shield and often a blade as the preferred weapon of choice. A balance between offense and defense.

Duelists: Light armoured and usually wield a single blade with an open free hand. This college aims at moving swiftly and delivering killing blows with every strike whenever possible.

Skirmishers: Also a college that favours little to no armour, skirmishers often fight with two weapons, moving fast and cutting down their foes in a whirlwind of death. Some skirmishers prefer a light buckler over a second weapon, but uses them in an offensive manner as well.

Demolishers: Heavily armoured and wielding a two-handed weapon of some sort. These are slow and purposeful fighters that wield such heavy and cumbersome weapons with grace and precision. Most demolishers prefer the two-handed hammer, following the footsteps of the legendary hero J’on Delfay, but other two-handed weapons such as the axe and sword are also a common sight.


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