Fae Edge Character Sheet

Fae Edge Character Sheet

Character sheet for Fae Edge. Free for personal use. Character creation chapter will come up soon so you can utilize this as soon as possible.


The EDGE System

The EDGE System uses two normal six-sided dice, or 2d6. Performing all tasks in the game involves rolling 2d6 against your character’s Trait. A roll result of equal or lower than your Trait is a success. A roll may be modified according to its difficulty:

Easy: -1
Normal: 0
Challenging: +1
Hard: +3
Epic: +5
Impossible: +7

Any roll of lower difficulty than Easy should be trivial enough that anyone can perform it successfully without any or much difficulty. Note that these modifiers are applied to the roll result, not the Trait. The Traits are never modified.

There are 8 Traits used in Fae Edge, with scores ranging from 4 (minimum) to 10 (maximum):



Notice that there are no charisma related Trait. All social interactions are resolved without rolling and the results should be handled by the Game Master based on how well the group role plays their characters. Details on the usage of each Trait will be covered later.

A Trait may have multiple Edges and Hindrances. Edges and Hindrances are specific actions related to the chosen Trait. I.e: “Using a two-handed sword” can be used as an Edge or Hindrance under the Might Trait. Having an Edge means you roll an extra d6 and choose any 2 dice for your result. Having a Hindrance means you roll an extra d6 and must choose 1 die with the highest result.

Having multiple Edges and Hindrance entitles you to roll extra d6 for each matching situations, but you still pick any 2 dice for Edges and pick 1 die with the highest result for Hindrances.

If you have an Edge and a Hindrance coinciding within a single roll, each pair of Edge and Hindrance cancels each other out. Do not roll an extra die for each pair of Edge and Hindrance that you have within a single roll. I.e: Darian has an Edge in Speed: “Using twin daggers”. However, he also has a Hindrance “Fighting with the left arm” from an injury he suffered earlier. If he uses two daggers in the fight, the Edge and Hindrance both cancel each other out and he rolls normally, with no extra dice added.

There are no critical or automatic success or failure rolls in this system.

Characters have no health stats, but may collect Fettles to prevent death up to a certain point. A Fettle is a permanent effect that is gained when the character fails a Lethal roll. More information about this will be present in the Combat chapter later on. Fettles may be Minor or Major, and in Mental or Physical form.

This concludes the base mechanics of the EDGE system. Further information and details about the system will be covered in other chapters.